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Dance is our lifestyle through progression - TGG Crew

A Non-traditional dance studio focused on the well-being and build up of students of all ages and abilities and the community as a whole. TGG Dance Studio offers classes for skill training as well as competition teams, and performance teams. A specialty of the studio is our underground training that takes dance back to a mentor-mentee approach. Pushing students to reach their highest peak of excellence and abilities is our goal as well as the build up what is known as the Idaho Dance Scene. We LOVE our community and constantly strive to make it a welcoming place for all to enjoy. - TGG Family


TGG Dance Studio is not like any studio you have been to. Upon walking through the street-front doors in downtown Nampa you will feel the energy and culture established immediately. The amount of love and care that each student receives emulates the exact reason why we call ourselves family. 

A key note to the studio is our "$60.00 and done" deal. For $60.00 dollars a month a student is able to take whatever classes they like whenever they would like. This allows students to train to their full potential and broaden their repertoire of dance. We see no reason to limit any student to just one style of dance, and since TGG Studio was born from the underground dance scene we want all students to get the same, culture filled experience.  

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At TGG Studio we offer a variety set of classes that can be found nowhere else in the Treasure Valley. From our Animations, Ballet, Contemporary, House, Breaking - break dance, or many other classes you we will find the class that is perfect for you!

We also teach quinceanera dances, baile sopresas, waltz, wedding dances, flash mobs, and other event ideas you may have!


You’re in Great Hands



Jared Lopez has been dancing since 2012 and has influenced what is known as the Idaho Dance Movement since then. His style and teachings range from Hip Hop, Krump, breaking, and newly learned house style. Jared oversees the production and progression of anything related to dance that he can get his hands on. He has competed in World of Dance, Street Style, Freestyle Session, and many other competitions in the United States. Jared's new passion for dance is fully invested in learning new skills, history, culture, emotion, and love for the community through dance that he can share with his students. 


Ballet/Tap Instructor

Cynthia Orcutt has over 20 years of experience under her belt and one of the largest hearts and souls you will ever meet. From experience in the industry to working in a small town, Cynthia is has done it all. She is known for having one of the rarest teaching methods found in the Pacific Northwest and is able to successfully train and prep students to reach their highest potential. Cynthia also humbly carries over 100 successful productions, shows, performances, and competitions and lives by the motto, "We are all kids on the inside."

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Animations/Advanced HipHop Instructor

Kenny Pollard has been dancing and instructing for well over 10 years and originally comes from one of the greats, Kim York, who mentored him to what he is today. Kenny majors in Animations, a dance that focuses on isolations, body discipline, and creativity like no other. Kenny has competed in competitions such as So You Think You Can Dance, Hip Hop International, World Of Dance, and many other battles around the US.


Lyrical/Contemporary/Technique Instructor

Alexia came to TGG Studio from ISU's notorious D1 dance program and holds a high honor as former Captain to Columbia's WildPride dance team. Alexia majors in fine arts and is big on technique and proper dance form. However, do not let this fool you as Alexia is extremely diverse in the styles and trainings she has received. From industry-lead conventions and one on one training with professionals Alexia is more than qualified to lead the students under her care. Her high spirit and leadership experience fills us with confidence as she leads TGG's Fine Arts Classes partnered with Cynthia Orcutt. We are extremely pleased and blessed to have her on our TGG Family.



Contemporary/Technique Instructor

Jordan, since in the womb has always been moving to anything that she could get her ears on. With a long history of dance Jordan began her career and passion at Idaho Rhythm School of Music and Dance where she would clog for 8 years learning how to hone and master musicality. Along with clogging she participated in Jazz and other fine arts dancing which lead her to her to The Spot Dance Studio where she would focus more on such. Altogether Jordan holds down 11 years of dance with styles including Jazz, Ballet, Clogging, Contemporary, Lyrical, and HipHop. We are honored and fortunate to have her in our presence at TGG and enjoy her perspective on life, "Look in the mirror.... that is your competition."


Hip-Hop/Quinceanera Choreographer

Jovy has been in the Idaho Dance Scene for a little over 6 years. With her extensive background in Latin culture and dances her love for dance was born and gives her style the perfect twist needed to set her apart from many instructors in Idaho. Jovy is an alumni of Columbia High School's WildPride dance team and has since been teaching quinceaneras with her business Invision Choreography. Her love for the 90's and early 2000's allows her to connect with the youth and produce art that makes you move with her. If she is not in the studio Jovy also loves spending time with her daughter and wonderful family. 



Hip-Hop/Quinceanera Instructor

Stephanie has always been attracted to the idea of dance and has naturally moved to the rhythm of music. Her entire life, her siblings, and family have been naturally blessed with musical talent and that "it" factor that makes someone amazing. Stephanie although very young has worked her way to instructing at TGG and inspires many youth including her younger sister and many other fellow instructors. Steph is considered one of the most humble dancers around the TGG Family but also one of the Sauciest young bloods around. She has had the opportunity to compete in Monsters of HipHop, America Onstage Nationals, East VS West Throwdown, and is a current member of Idaho's very own, Ghetto Squad. With nothing but time on her side she continues to inspire students and teachers all around her and shares her love for dance in such a broad spectrum of dance that you would be surprised. It is not enough to say we are blessed to have Stephanie with us.

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Diamond Quijano 

Hip-Hop Instructor 

Diamond has been a part of the Idaho Dance Scene for well over 10 years. Her roots and love for dance stem all the way back to watching Hip-hop Harry as a kid and taking the initiative ever since. Diamond has had the opportunity to be one of the founders of TGG's Ghetto Squad, is a formal member of TGG Crew, and has had many extensive mentors and training opportunities under some of the industries greatest. Her choreography is known for being "saucey" and Diamond absolutely loves sharing her art with the community. A style she is currently pursuing is Afro-Dance and has the opportunity to share it with her peers as she learns from great instructors. Diamond is also mother to the famous EllaZay who you will find walking around the studio from time to time. 


Studio Manager 

Emily is known as the "Momma" of the studio for good reason. She has an extensive background in child care, medical work, and managing positions. To top everything off Emily also participates in dance classes as a competitive dancer on our very own adult team. She has helped raise TGG and it's purpose since day one and is constantly seeking ways to help the community grow. Once you meet Emily you will be best friends in no time! Without her the studio would surely go up in flames as she is such a huge part of who we are. 


Popping Instructor 

Michael aka the Unorthodox Phoenix has a very unique style in that he takes his animation and popping to a different level. Whether it be sticking to the Old School Chicano popping or to the retro animation patterns and concepts Michael is constantly trying to elevate himself and those around him. He has an extensive background in formal training including learning under Orbit, OG Winston, and our very own Josiah and Kenny who are local pioneers in Idaho's history of dance. At the young age of 18 Michael has competed in multiple states and prestigious battles and loves the idea of seeking improvement as a dancer. If you have the pleasure of taking class from Michael, you will leave with new ideas and concepts flowing in your veins. 


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