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Dance is our lifestyle through progression - TGG Crew

A Non-traditional dance studio focused on the well-being and build up of students of all ages and abilities and the community as a whole. TGG Dance Studio offers classes for skill training as well as competition teams, and performance teams. A specialty of the studio is our battle teams that travel out of city, state, and country, to go head to head with dancers from all around the world. Pushing students to reach their highest peak of excellence and abilities is our goal as well as the build up what is known as the Idaho Dance Scene. We LOVE our community and will see that it reaches it's peak! - Jared Lopez



TGG Dance Studio is not like any studio you have been to. Upon walking through the street-front doors in downtown Nampa you will feel the energy and culture established immediately. The amount of love and care that each student receives emulates the exact reason why we call ourselves family. 

A key note to the studio is our "$50.00 and done" deal. For $50.00 dollars a month a student is able to take whatever classes they like whenever they would like. This allows students to train to their full potential and broaden their repertoire of dance. We see no reason to limit any student to just one style of dance and since TGG Studio was born from the streets we understand life.  

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At TGG Studio we offer a variety set of classes that can be found nowhere else in the Treasure Valley. From our Animations, Krump, or Break Dance classes you we will find the class that is perfect for you!



You’re in Great Hands

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Jared Lopez has been dancing since 2011 and has influenced what is known as the Idaho Dance Movement since 2012. His style and teachings range from Street Dance Hip Hop and his own form of contemporary. Jared oversees the production and progression of anything related to dance that he can get his hands on. He has competed in World of Dance, Street Style, Freestyle Session, and many other competitions in the United States. One of his recent achievements was starting the Yucatan Dance Movement in Mexico.


Ballet/Tap Instructor

Cynthia Orcutt has over 20 years of experience under her belt and one of the largest hearts and souls you will ever meet. With one of the rarest teaching methods found in the Pacific Northwest Cynthia is able to successfully train and prep students to reach their highest potential. Cynthia humbly carries over 100 successful productions, shows, performances, and competitions and lives by the motto, "I am a kid on the inside."

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Animations/Advanced HipHop Instructor

Kenny Pollard has been dancing and instructing for well over 10 years and originally comes from one of the greats, Kim York, who mentored him to what he is today. Kenny majors in Animations, a dance that focuses on isolations, body discipline, and creativity like no other. Kenny has competed in competitions such as So You Think You Can Dance, Hip Hop International, World Of Dance, and many other battles around the US.


Lead Instructor

Diamond originally found her passion for dance as a young child watching shows and movies like Hip Hop Harry, Step Up, Stomp the Yard, and Honey. She then focused on the movements and finding her inner self as she faced many trials throughout her life leading to the one destination that gave her peace and tranquility. Diamond joined the studio as a student in 2018 and within one year she was part of the Notorious TGG Crew and an instructor. Now Diamond with her notorious 'Sauce' holds the studio down as Lead Instructor building the commnity one block at a time.

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Studio Manager

Emily aka "The Studio Mom" has always been a positive influence in whatever life she has come in contact with. As a teenager Emily found herself falling in love with dance and performing, as she took multiple classes around the Boise area and spent her time cheerleading. Before finding her passion again at TGG Studio, Emily was certified to oversee the development and care of children and gained a favorable knowledge in computer and communication skills. Now she rocks the studio with her proper management skills and leadership tactics.


Lyrical/Contemporary/Technique Instructor

Alexia came to TGG Studio from ISU's notorious D1 dance program and holds a high honor as former Captain to Columbia's WildPride dance team. Alexia majors in fine arts and is big on technique and proper dance form. However, do not let this fool you as Alexia is now considered one of TGG's liveliest and goofiest instructors. Her high spirit and leadership experience fills us with confidence as she leads TGG's Fine Arts Classes partnered with Cynthia Orcutt. We are extremely pleased and blessed to have her on our TGG Family.

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Upcoming Events

  • HipHop International USA
    Fri, Aug 06
    Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
    Aug 06, 6:00 AM – Aug 08, 10:00 PM
    Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044, USA
    If there was ever a competition to get ready for, it would be this one. This is the mother of all comps and something that all dancers need to strive to get to. Let's put Idaho on the map once and for all. Auditions will be held and dancers must be prepared for a show bigger than ever.
  • NATIONALS Lagoon
    Fri, May 21
    Lagoon Amusement Park
    May 21, 5:00 AM MDT – May 22, 9:00 PM MDT
    Lagoon Amusement Park, Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, UT 84025, USA
    The best go head to head at this fun event for all parents, teacher, and students! This is another America Onstage Event, our end of year fun day and good way of rewarding all dancers. We are here to win and build as a team!
  • Radix Dance Convention
    Fri, May 14
    Oregon Convention Center
    May 14, 6:00 AM – May 16, 10:00 PM
    Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR 97232, USA
    Finally stepping out of our little pond and into the land of amazing dancers! Here is where many of the studio dancers will get to see what bigger states and cities can do. Competition will not be taken lightly and the new area will be much more intense. This is the perfect opportunity to grow!
  • Nationals Qualifier Idaho State University America On Stage (State Championships)
    Mar 12, 6:00 AM – Mar 13, 10:00 PM
    Mountain View Event Center, 1567 Way to Grace, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA
    This competition in the Mountain View Event Center in Pocatello will qualify you for Nationals in Lagoon Utah. Rather than just competing with Western Idaho's teams and studios. You will be challenged against Eastern Idaho's talent
  • Dare 2 Dance Competition
    Sat, Feb 20
    Nampa Civic Center
    Feb 20, 6:00 AM – Feb 21, 10:00 PM
    Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd St S, Nampa, ID 83651, USA
    Utah's very own Nicole Peterson holds her annual Dare 2 Dance event here in Idaho at the Nampa Civic Center making the competition a larger attraction site for more larger and competitive studios around the Treasure Valley.
  • State Qualifiers America On Stage Competition (Kick Off Classic)
    Feb 11, 6:00 AM MST – Feb 13, 11:00 PM MST
    Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd St S, Nampa, ID 83651, USA
    This competition will be held at the Nampa Civic Center and will be your qualifiers for State Competition in Pocatello


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