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Our Nampa Dance Studio location offers a ton of great options to make sure your event is being taken care of. We teach quinceanera dances including Waltz - vals and surprise dance - baile sopresas as well as wedding first dances, wedding dances, flash mobs, or just improving skills for the dance floor. We are also home to providing DJ services, photography, videography, and so much more for affordable pricing! 


You’re in Great Hands



Jared has been teaching and putting together weddings and Quinceaneras since he was 15 years old. He first found his love for the art after seeing the joy and smiles on the faces of the attendees and the clients. Jared has a strong sense of pride and love for the community and offers economic pricing and help to anyone who wants their day to be the best it can be. In 2018 Jared finally had enough resources to form what is known as the "Special Day Initiative" giving affordable professional work from DJ's, Photographers, Videographers, Stylists, Advisors, Choreographers, and safe practice spaces to those who want their day to be the best but may not be able to afford it all with other companies.

cesar collazo distinct sound.jpg

CESAR COLLAZO Distinct Sound


As a young man Cesar was always getting into whatever kind of performing arts or spotlight he could get his hands on. He was the definition of a young entertainer and he was quite good at it. If there was ever a party or area where loud booming music could be found, Cesar would be right there taking note and taking command. It wasnt until he graduated High School that Cesar realized he loved the thought of making music. He had learned through many trials and error what a party needs, how to bring the heat, and how to set the mood when needed. All of this together makes Cesar Collazo and Distinct Sound the ultimate event DJ for any occasion. Cesar has studied what music is necessary and when. Any challenge thrown his direction will be returned ten fold.

Get in Touch
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Edwin has been in what is known as the Idaho Dance Scene for over 10 years. Starting as a breaker and getting into mixing when he was a teenager Edwin has had popular influence amongst the youth of the Boise area and has climbed the industry latter as an experienced DJ. He now spends most of his professional time as a founder and DJ for "The Noise" which is Idaho's largest and most successful regaetton events that happen ever weekend. His specialties include anything Latin based and HipHop. DJ Armada can spin anything from the years 60's all the way to present time and will get the party jumping in an instant. 

Johny Romero Dark.jpg



Johny Romero a Navy vet uses his life skills and experiences to not only bring you top notch professional work, but also fantastic customer service. With years of experience and partnering with multiple companies Johny knows how to turn any idea and dream into reality. Not only does he commit his special knowledge to clients but he commits his heart and mind to the community to assure that anyone and everyone who is willing, will be satisfied and helped. He truly is a blessing to have in our TGG family.



Edgar Ramirez grew up performing and seeing the build up and nature of a plethora of weddings and quinceaneras. He was able to capture the most brilliant side and aspects of the true beauty dripping from the moments but had no idea had to share with others his feelings and memories until he stumbled upon a camera. Now Edgar dedicates his love and addiction to capturing the moments that last forever and supplying our clients with smiles that last forever. As a new and aspiring artist/ photographer in the Treasure Valley Edgar reminds himself that "if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life." With lots of talent and ambition Edgar is making his way to the top so he can turn around and help others reach their full potential.

Stephanie Hernandez

Choreographer/ Event Coordinator

Growing up Stephanie was always surrounded by a plethora of culture and influence from her Family. She was raised in a traditional Mexican home where she was able to find a strong love for dance and Mexican food. As she attended Quinceaneras and Chicano Sweet 16's she was able to find out that she wanted to be around the planning and preparation portion a lot more. She soon found home in TGG Studios where she would learn many styles of dance and be taken under the wing of Jared Lopez. She has assisted in more than 3 years worth of Quinceaneras, weddings, sweet 16's, and much more. Now she has a high reputation in the community as being one of the only professional Quinceanera choreographers at the age of 15. 


"Build Your Dream"



TGG Dance Studio

Welcome to "Build Your Dream" where YOU are the price maker. Here is the break down! 

For a 30 second or less choreography- $100.00 (Typically your surprise dance cuts of music etc.)

A full song- $300.00 (Typically your waltz, Father daughter dance or other full songs you would like) 

Price per practice:

In TGG Dance Studio- $40/practice

Nampa area: $50/practice 

Caldwell area: $50/practice 

Meridian/Boise area: $60/practice 

Ontario area: $75/practice 

WARNING: This is a rough estimate. All sales must be done in person. If any questions please contact by clicking below!



Distinct Sound

All base pricing starts at 
Hourly  price is $100/hour added to $700.00 base price if exceeds 5 hours of needed DJ time. 

My wedding needs a DJ from 600PM-12:00AM (6 hours). Your price is $800.00. 

DJ Jared - Special Offer Call/Text to get major discount 
DJ Cesar - $900+ 
DJ Armada $1500+



E.Static Photography

All Base Pricing Starts at 



You will not find another professional photographer at this price anywhere. Edgar gives you the option to have him be with you all day long from morning time putting make-up on or getting ready, church services, special areas to take pictures, and even the actual event grabbing every memory for you to cherish for the rest of your life


Physical Portraits and Pop-ups are also available for purchase!. 

For more questions or inquiries click the contact button below. 



Gateway to Beauty Salon

Prices and services are listed but not limited to:


Regular- $5.00

Gel Polish- $10.00

Manicure- $12.00


Regular- $5.00

Gel Polish- $10.00

Pedicure- $12.00

Woman Cuts:

W/ Shampoo and Style- $25.00

Normal Cut- $15.00

Men Cuts:

W/ Shampoo and Style- $25.00

Normal Cut- $15.00


Base Price- $55.00

Other Services:

Root touch-Up







For more info click contact button below!

Johny Romero_edited.jpg


Johny Romero

All base pricing starts at 


Tips are greatly appreciated 


Mr. Johny Romero is not your average videographer as he has a large repertoire working with hundreds of different businesses and events. He is considered a video guru and brings life to all videos as well as grabbing every last memory for you to have forever. His work and his heart are exactly what attracted TGG Studios to having him on our team. Enough talk, give him a try and see what all the hype is about.   

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