The bar chosen by National Champions

Being Idaho's new and premier fighting force in the dance community is a tough job with the various techniques and training styles used to build our students to the top of their performance. With great training comes great hunger and a greater need for energy. Out of all the bars we have used to support our students none works as well as these meal bars to give our athletes the fill they actually want and need. The best part is along with their meal bars they receive the energy necessary to power through practices and competitions while actually enjoying the taste of the bar given! We always rely on giving the best to our best before, during, and after, and that is why the recovery bars also work wonders with our athletes. Never in my life would I have thought that something so affordable and delicious could affect the performance of my students energy, hunger, and recovery process. It is easy to say that my team now has the upper hand and are ready to take home some more titles this year with these bars at our sides.

deez cranberries.jpg

The fuel chosen by our National Champions

- TGG Ghetto Squad