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Break Dance Crew


Community Events/Battles/Cyphers Below

Ghetto Clause Returns

Dec 22nd 7-9PM 

@TGG Dance Studio

Every year the notorious Ghetto Clause returns to town bearing gifts of love and the dopest merch for the parents and students. Do not miss the chance to meet the famous Mexican Santa Clause and watch him harass the children for being naughty all year long. Food, drinks, music, and a family atmosphere with some snow outside is all we need to have a happy holiday. 

College of Western Idaho Dance Club kickoff 

Jan 19th 6-7PM (Thursdays)

@ Nampa Campus Academic Building Room 139AB

Students at CWI have created a dance club partnering with TGG to provide professional and community classes for the community and students of CWI. Classes are every Thursday 6-7PM. Drop-in classes are FREE with CWI ID Cards and $15 without one. Students in the CWI Dance Club also qualify for discounts at TGG Dance Studio

Middle School Dance Team Kickoff

Jan 23-25th

@ West, South, Lonestar Middle School Nampa

TGG and the Nampa School District will be launching its very first competitive dance program. Students from each of their respective middle school will have the opportunity to train under a TGG Instructor and learn the fundamentals of different styles of dance. This program is for all students including students with no backgrounds in dance. This program will be completely funded and is FREE for all students at the respective middle schools to participate in. 

Gymnast with Hula Hoop


Competition and Conventions 

- Jan 28th Rise Dance Comp (Nov-Beg)

@Victory Middle School

Price: $25/Team, $85/Solo, $160/Duo

- Feb 9-11th AOS State Qualifiers (Nov-Beg)

@Nampa Civic Center Nampa, Idaho

Price: $25/Team, $120/Solo, $160/Duo

- Feb 17-18th Dare 2 Dance (Int)

@Nampa Civic Center Nampa, Idaho

Price: $25/Team, $110/Solo, $130/Duo

- Feb 23rd Nexus Dance Comp (Int)

@Nampa Civic Center 

Price: $35/Team, $125/Solo, $160/Duo

- March 2-4th Axis Dance Competition (Nov-Int)

@Nampa Civic Center  

Price: $35/Team, $125/Solo, $160/Duo

- March 9-11th Idaho State Championship (Adv)

@Mountain View Event Center Pocatello, Idaho 

Price: $25/Team, $120/Solo, $160/Duo

- March 24-26th Monsters Dance Convention (All)

@Hyatt Lake Washington Seattle, Washington 

Price: $315/Dancer Convention, $75/Team, $155/Solo, $95/Duo

- April 14-16th Kaos Dance Convention (Adv)

@Dallas, Texas 

Price: $60/Compete, $280/Convention 

- May 5-6th Nationals (All) 

@Lagoon Farmington, Utah

Price: $30/Team, $125/Solo, $160/Duo

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